Surefire Trading Challenge


What is so Good about Surefire Trading Challenge Systems?

The top 4 forex trading winners profited from 106% to 274% return on live account in one month (Surefire Trading Challenge Version 1). The top 2 live trading winners profited from 174% and 138% returns (Surefire Trading Challenge Version 2).

You will be able to learn every single detail about the forex trading champions including custom indicators, chart templates, video examples and interviews with champions themselves. All the champions will reveal secret strategies on how to win trades consistently.

Since the first trading competition in December 2008, Surefire Trading Challenge (SFTC) has grown to not only the reputable kind of competition but also a huge forex community with tons of valuable resources, which is now known as Trader Secret Library. Trader Secret Library is not just a place where big volume of forex trading information is sit. They provide the kind of information that many amateur traders really want to know. For example, many people often wonder if Forex software (Expert Advisors) really works. So TSL tests the latest software and provides the trading results at member’s area.

Trader Secret Library (TSL) Features:

1. Surefire Challenge

TSL puts two different sets of the results of the winners from their forex trading competitions: Surefire Trading Challenge Version 1 and Version 2. The contents of the both versions are almost the same. The difference is the way they present the materials of interview, video, and downloadable documents. The Version 2 visually organizes the materials better in our opinion.

  • Surefire Trading Challenge Version 1 (The Original Surefire Trading Challenge)
    Since the first trading competition in Dec 2008, SFTC has held the competitions 8 times. Forex trading systems of 28 winners on LIVE account have been shared to the members of Trader Secret Library.
  • Surefire Trading Challenge Version 2 (“SFTC V2”)
    The Version 2 was introduced in July 2010. The competition has been held once so far. There were 2 winners announced.
2. Live EA Testing

Trader Secret Library tests the latest commercial Expert Advisors (forex software) available on the market. So far, they have tested 19 EAs and post the EAs performance table.

3. TSL EA’s

TSL created their own Expert Advisor called SistemaUNODUE. They have been still testing the software, and the EA works on the GBD/USD pair only at this time.

In this area, you will be able to see the both performances of live and demo accounts every five minutes. TSL also lists the parameter settings for the optimal trading performance.

4. Market News

They broadcast economic news every day, which will affect forex trading such as oil prices.

5. Calendar

TSL lists daily events of economy announced from government organizations among industrial countries. The calendar includes the level of relevancy to forex trading of the announcement, an index rate in previous month, etc.

6. Trader’s Forum (“Forum”)
7. Support
8. Live Trading

TSL posts live trading sessions executed by six trading experts. The live session holds once a week. Every session is recorded with a screen capture video with the expert’s narration. Since TSL opened to the public, 89 sessions have been done.

9. MT4 Resources

TSL offers 8 custom indicators to their members to download. TSL also provides an instruction video on how to install the indicators on MetaTrader 4 charts.

10. Videos

They have over 30 videos about forex trading strategies and techniques such as “Trading with Fibonacci” and “How to trade a flat market correctly.”

11. Techniques

TSL lists more than 160 topics of forex trading techniques. Each document contains detailed texts and charts. Some of the topics are Japanese candlesticks and an easy way to cut losses.

Is Trader Secret Library for Beginners as well?

When we first browsed TSL, we thought those information were for traders with an intermediate and up level. But we found “Beginners” area, which covers more than 80 topics. Most of the materials are texts only without videos.

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